Administration of the project

Main Partner Trust is your trusted advisor and partner at every stage of the merger.

We participate in the project from the idea of buying or selling the asset to the closing of the transaction.

The important part of our cooperation is to support the negotiation process of the participants of the M&A; and to jointly determine the terms of the transaction.

Our lawyers are highly qualified and have a lot of experience in conducting negotiations and closing transactions. We are ready to represent your interests and to achieve the most favorable terms for you.

The control of the transaction includes:

  • Registration of Russian and other foreign legal entities involved in the transaction;
  • The support of the settlement structure (including the provision of ESCROW – agent services);
  • The registration actions;
  • The control over the signing of documents;
  • The control over the fulfilment of the terms of the transaction by all participants;
  • The control over the interim measures.